ABBA Instant Recall Hair Spray with Abba ProQuinoa Complex

abba pure curl finsihABBA CURL FINISH (Previously Instant Recall) contains UV filters and amplifies and embraces your curls for lasting hold.

  • If you want the product disigned to bring the curl back into wet or damp hair you are looking for Abba Curl Prep
  • If you know you like Abba Instant Recall you are in the right place
  • If you are unsure you will like te combination of Abba Curl Prep to tighten you curl and Abba Instant Recall (now call ABBA CURL FINISH) to set your hair
  • many folks like Abba Instant Recall (now call ABBA CURL FINISH) on damp hair as it also brings back our curl and drys naturally with a nice curl set.

    Firm hold finishing spray for curly or permed hair
    Locks in style ensuring incredible shine, softness and manageability. Contains Lavender, Arnica and Chamomile which act as herbal therapy for conditioning.

  8.45oz   ABBA Curl Finish $16.20  18.00
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Abba Curl Finish Hair Spray:
pH Level: 3.4-4.0

HERBAL F/X: Grapefruit and Avocado

Locks in style, conditions and shields against environmental stresses.

Commitment to Purity:
100% Vegan
Plant Derived Botanicals

  • Formulated without Gluten
  • Formulated without Synthetic Color Additives
  • Formulated without DEA
  • Formulated without Parabens
  • Formulated without Phthalates
  • Formulated without Sodium chloride

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Directions: Mist evenly over finished style. - this product goes on dry hair

if you want the product you put damp hair before drying you hair to bring back your curl, use Pure Curl Prep



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