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Gluten Free in the Hair Products manufacturing business generally means...  formulated with raw materials that do not contain gluten

Note: in our opinion, hair product manufacturers, generally do not spend the money to test every batch to certify that trace amounts of gluten are not present. If you are highly gluten sensitive, gluten free formulation eormously reduces your gluten risk. But gluten is generally NOT tested for, nor are products guaranteed to be gluten free, by any manufacturer, that we know about at this time.
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  • If you are gluten sensitive we feel the Abba Proquinoa (wheat free) formulations are a big step in the gluten free formulation process.
    Good Work Abba!
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  • Let's compare wheat free/gluten free product formulation in hair products to being peanut-free on an airplane.
  • As you know you are no longer given peanuts when you fly because some passengers are highly allergic to peanuts.  However airplanes are not guaranteed to be peanut oil, peanut dust or even 100% peanut free.
  • Think of all of the passengers on the airplane as if they were molecule in a formula. What if one of the passengers had just visited a peanut farm or factory, and was covered in peanut dust...  or just eaten some peanuts, and absent mindedly put the empty peanut bag in his or her pocket, or... perhaps one passenger decides to bring a peanut-butter & jelly sandwich on board to stave off hunger during the flight. Although the airplane company has eliminated the introduction of peanuts into their airplane they have not tested every passenger (molecule) to guarantee that each person is free of all peanuts and/or peanut related buy products.
  • Similarly Hair Product manufacturers can not and do not control every step from the farm to the storage area and all the vehicles that transport all of the products used in the formula they specify. It is just cost prohibitive, and not required for over 98% of the product users.
abba hair products ProQuiona Complex

abba hair products ProQuiona Complex
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